Getting to Work

Getting to Work

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Getting to Work

So, you had a really good sleep and woke up before the alarm. Up, out of bed and complete 1st task for the day to get a good start, Make The Bed. Even if there is still someone on the other side, you can still do your side and complete a task.

Feed your Brain and Body

For most, fluid management is the next few things to do. Your body has processed much of its food/water during the night and needs more to get ready for the day’s activities. Water is good with some lemon, good salt, turmeric, apple, cayenne, black pepper, garlic, real olive oil, and apple cider vinegar. This Mocktail adds some vitamin C and the Cider lowers blood sugar and boosts metabolism. Take time to adjust for taste and temperature. An ounce of lemon juice has about 25% of your vitamin C requirement and a tablespoon of Apple Cider will go a long way. Coconut water is a great hydrator with nutrients and natural antioxidants. The tried and true coffee is still a popular option. Try adding some medium-chain fats like coconut oils to put that coffee on the flavor bus. Trending items such as green tea, South American tea in cans, goji berry juices and other “recent studies show” products. Tummy problems? Ginger, Aloe, Peppermint, and Tomato juice may help. BZZZZZ, get that blender out, put all the good stuff in, and smooth it out. The classic smoothie can have whatever concoction you can come up with to Feed your Brain and Body what it needs. Many will still want to eat some real food. Eggs are still the #1 choice, keep the yolks soft, whites firm, and good oils and pair with oats or sautéed vegetables. Greek Yogurt, Rolled / steel cut Oats, seeds, and berries are all great ingredients for your morning meal. The New Alpha can give men specific energy that will help. 

Getting to Work

Now that we have done some prep for getting to work, where are we going? Work From Home, commuting on the road, going to an appointment or working over the road. RVT can get you a nice mobile office for OTR workstyle. Figure out what equipment you will need for today’s work, get to it and set up shop. We have talked a lot about furniture, its purpose, and what may work best. WFH, set up for good lighting, focused vision/sound, power/data supply, and let it flow. Driving? Lots of GPS apps, blue tooth for voice calls, and get up-to-date info to be early. Going to Silicon Valley, HWY 17, HWY 1, or Summit Road? Consider the weather, traffic, and road work to choose the right route. Got an appointment with the sun or other natural environment? Google can keep you on the map and on track. There is so much technology available now and there is no reason to be late. Jackery Company has solar, rechargeable battery solutions that can “jump” your car.

Getting to Work

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