Human Work

Human Work

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Human Work

What is work and why do we do it? All animals work as hunters and or gatherers. That is the beginning of work and work “provides value”. Humans are very observant and learned to work together. As we progressed, the human population grew we learned about the weather patterns and how animals migrated. Some groups followed the animals and others eventually learned they could live in one place. There are of course historic migrations and theories. The idea for this post is about Work and what it is. We can understand that hunting, gathering food and parenting is all work. We learned to work together, discovered how to value specialized skills and we developed group expectations of behavior or culture. Many shamanistic practices helped hunters get into The Flow State to unlock automated trained actions. Actions without thinking, hesitation or fear.


At some point, we figured out how to make tools, and weapons and domesticate dogs. Dogs became very important “tools” for hunting and protection. Tribes developed, hunting parties left, came back, plants we gathered and work became more specialized. At some point farming/animal husbandry developed and villages were settled. More work making buildings, fencing, and tools/weapons.

We also learned about hunting and taking, and warriors became valued. In the age of war, conquest, and pillaging the enemy to steal “wealth” was the way of the world. Stealing is not work, but making weapons, for war is. We have been living with the industrialized military complex for a few generations now, with lots of work to support the war. Let U.S. move forward and help the earth and take care of people. Furniture became a tool to help support people, products, and equipment. Medical advancements have helped with mood and energy management. The New Alpha gives me extra energy and helps with overall blood flow.

Human Work and Creating Value

Creating value for others is what work is and why we are paid for the work we do. What does your culture or group value? Parenting is very important and hopefully, you have other grownups to help support your work. Energy + Skills = Value, that value over time adds up and you will reap the produce of your efforts. In modern times, we value art/entertainment and that has become work as well.

What Do You Want?

Spend some time thinking about what you want and what kind of work you will do. Most creative people produced until the day they died, never retired, and kept growing. There will be time and effort involved to learn new skills. Keep looking for new ideas and opportunities to help others. Creating value for others is the main idea, you grow from doing others’ creative work to having others do your creative work. How much payment will you need to get the lifestyle that you want and how much work will be involved to create that much value?

Plan It and Help It Grow

Now that you have created an idea, picture, or written out your vision, put some time and money goals together to support it. Plan out time needed, cash investment, and steps of achievement that will lead you along the path. Think about what others need and how you will be able to give them the value to help them. As you move along, be flexible and see new ways of thinking about how you can help others get what they need to achieve their goals. This involves using your energy to move things, ideas, and resources. Creating more out of less, mixing your ideas with items to make 2+2+YOU= 10x valuable to others. Find the people that will value your work and help them to use your work to benefit their lives.

Human Work

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