The Flow State

The Flow State

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The Flow State

We know something about work and continue to learn more and develop our skills as we grow. You may have experienced, in work, music, sports, or gaming being in “The Zone”. Historically this was described as “moving without effort”. We now refer to it as The Flow State. It can be felt after the event. How much time has passed and much ??? produced, our conscience mind did not keep track or notice the passing of time. This happens most often when we are engaged in an activity that has lots of familiar time spent doing it. Think about young hanging out with their friends and how “time” just passes away. When the engagement of the activity does not require attention or thought about what you are doing, is an example of The Flow State.

Most often, this happens when enough time has been spent doing an activity and our brain patterns are well set. This is what practice is for, literally setting brain patterns with muscle memory. Eventually, you don’t have to put in as much effort or attention to achieve the same results. This feeling goes beyond our mind and into our body, this is called learning and we start at a very young age. Before we leave our mother’s womb, many can kick, suck their fingers, and toes, and respond to light and sound. The brain develops along with the body to produce functioning people that can breathe and respond to outside stimulation. The heart pumps, the diaphragm moves the lungs, our skin feels, and the eyes and ears begin to understand the world around us. Our body lives because of The Flow State, functioning without our attention.

The Flow State

Work is producing value for others. Some of the first helpful work we learn is helping our caregiver by developing the skill of eating. You may know that this can take a very long time, even into adulthood and learning how to feed for life. Feeding your body, mind, and soul. Our eyes and ears consume everything that they are exposed to. Bringing in information to our brain, storing it, and setting brain patterns to retrieve it for later use. Our brain stores stimulation to be interpreted as information and memory. Yes, children should be protected from hearing and seeing things that will teach their brain-damaging information. Like fear, hate. self-harm, recklessness, hurting others, and what was considered “everyday parenting” by normal people. Having said that, The Flow State can be triggered into a fight or flight response very early in our development. Valuable work vs negative destruction is learned and self-control is taught. This is directing our mind into actions beyond our conscience choices and our unconscious reactions. What we see, hear and how our brain has been taught to interpret that information can often go into action before we can “think” about it. Fear of a dog or care for a dog is not complicated on the surface because brain patterns have been set in certain ways. These responses happen automatically and are learned behavior. Learning to produce value for others, to be helpful… Now go help your mother.

All this learning, choices, and responding to different information is also called growing up and we have not even got to what is commonly called “work”. Producing value on command is described as work. Practice, sorting stimulation into information, and directing our bodies with our minds allow people to help or harm each other. There are some “hurting others” that are termed as work for sports and war. Defending others with force may be necessary to learn and how to apply that force is critical.

Growing up is training our mind and body to function without attention. We engage The Flow State without choice early in life and it can be learned behavior with study and practice. The first thing is training our brain to sort stimulus into information that is helpful and aligns with our chosen goals. These goals can be anything and should be focused on with trained effort to set your brain patterns with muscle memory. If you keep the same goals or desires the brain patterns with muscle memory will become stronger. A good example is playing sports or music and practicing to the point of enjoyment. The joy comes when you are performing on command with less effort to direct your body and get better results. The Flow State can be experienced during a musical performance, sporting event, video games, and by the audience. This is why we love to watch others in The Flow State perform at high levels and we get to engage our Flow State along with them. Sports and music can be productive work as entertainment and has value. We have coaches, teachers, band leaders, and conductors that should be trained to achieve positive performance to be in The Zone for high performance.

The Flow State

Let’s move forward to adult work and how is this connected with creating value. Work is helping others and we get paid for the value we give or sell to others. We have to make something that someone wants to give us money for. Parents give us food, shelter, and clothes. We in exchange grow up to do things for ourselves that our parents don’t have to do for us anymore. When we get a job, we do things for other people, so they don’t have to do them and they can do stuff that we cannot do yet. If we can get into The Flow State for the work we do, it can benefit many people and ourselves. These automated directed actions are natural and can be developed. The study, train to build strong brain patterns and muscle memory and feed yourself for success. Pay attention to when you have experienced The Flow State in the past and what may have triggered or allowed your mind and body to unlock your natural power. I have had a good experience with music, meditations, and some study books to help get into The Flow. The book I found most helpful to promote a good mindset and meditative practice while bringing many points of view and concepts together is The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price. I understand this was just a brief introduction to The Flow State and unlocking that real natural power for work and play. Our Mothers taught us during our growth in her womb and we continue to learn, grow and implement the basics of life.

Dr. Andrew Huberman, may have discovered the brain mechanisms that are part of The Flow State.

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