Work Style

What is your work style?

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What is your work style?

Self Interview

What are the types of activities you do to produce your work? How do you like to communicate with co-workers and managers? These will change over time and as your work evolves. Personal efficiency is important, helping others use your work adds value to your skill set. Can you speak “their language” and how many different ways can you help others?

Team player

Many people grew up with team sports, tight families, or social groups, like scouting / 4H. These can be very good for personal growth but, many grew up like only children. Your upbringing shapes how you interact with others and what activities you enjoy. I have done lots of solo work to help other people achieve their goals. Learn how to understand the “language” they use and how to make my work more understandable.

Love what I Love

For much of your life, your work will be for others and should have that as a focus. Artistic people may develop an audience that LOVE everything about that artist. Even to the extent of loving their work, even when the artist does what you don’t like. Think about some comedians or those rebel musicians. This level of work is successful for a very small % of people. Most of the time it is a long, lonely, poor, and dangerous road.

Personal Style

Most of us need to get a little further down the road to get a good view of how we are working and for others to evaluate our style as well. Figure out whom you should trust and how much. Listen, evaluate and start working on your work style. Look for collaborations and opportunities for new challenges. Read autobiographies, and look for healthy entertainment for your mind and body. Understand we are talking about investing in yourself, self-study, self-motivation, body/mind training, and self-improvement.

I am VERY GOOD at ____, now what?

Grad School, apprenticeship, or work experience? At some point, you will understand that you are becoming proficient at some things. Don’t stop learning and growing, do start accessing what you want. What do you want? Invest in that study of what you want, how you want to be, and what you want to do and put together your best self. Communicate that image into focus, figure out some practices to facilitate your goals, trim away things that don’t help, and gather more of what will help. This will have to do with people, entertainment, diet, and body movement. Napoleon Hill started decades of study on this in the early 1,900’s and his published works can very easily be found.

Trim Your Sails, Take the Wind

Keep developing, add to your skills and become more valuable. Help more people achieve their goals and complete their tasks. What you do does not define your Work Style, focus on The Why and let that how grow from your heart. Make your boundaries; keep out of the weeds and on your track.

What is your Work Style?


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