Work During Covid

Work During Covid

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Work During Covid

The Future is Now, more work is being automated and people need to evolve again. Manufacturing, accounting, driving, email, stock trading, and heavy equipment operations are going to be done by computer robots. There is progress in developing systems to produce good content for music, art, writing, and health services to be automated by computers. With more time and investment there will be very good to great results made by automated systems.

Work During Covid

It is the end of 2021 and the nature of work has changed again. Many types of work have been greatly reduced and others have grown. I did over 4,000 food app deliveries in 2020 because two of my jobs got shut down and many other people lost their main income. Gig Work, Side Hustle, and App Drivers have taken up much of the income slack. Keep nimble, eyes open, and moving forward. Jackery Company has mobile, solar panel, and battery storage systems for off-the-grid work. This may not be the time “to move fast and break stuff” anymore. Heads up, stay flexible, and shoot to score. There is work to do, and others to collaborate with and help.

I settled in at a basic local retail job that is very slow during the winter. I can spend hours every day researching, writing, editing, and fixing website issues. I just spent about 4 hours learning that my hosting customer service people did not know how to verify ownership of websites for Google G Site and I got to figure it out for myself. Building skills, even small ones, can be critical.

Work Where?

Don’t wallow and get stuck in the mud. Where ever you go, you will start right where you are at. Even if you get off course and land in a ditch, you can make it up and back on the road again. Lost your office job, got Gov-Ment $$$, and can work anywhere? Shop for mobile office space within 1-4 hours away from The 831. Work From Home, on the road, maybe a great option and does not need to be permanent. There are mobile, rechargeable battery storage systems and optional solar panels.

Share The Load and get some Fiverr

Got some creative or accountant keystroke skills? You can get or give remote work to help people all over the connected world. Learn some new skillsTeam Building for a projectPromote Others and get them to WORKand Get Professional Help, You might be crazy, but I do not mean that professionally.

Build Your Work Stage!!! Post #12 Home Office Ideas

The same concepts can be implemented on the road, in an RV, van, coffee shop, or even at home. I am writing this on a LARGE redwood slab table at my after work, workplace NuBO Brewery.

Work During Covid

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