Work From Home

Work From Home

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Work From Home

8-2022 and many companies are implementing Work From Home or WFH strategies that will carry them over into the next phase of recovery from Covid. Some are also allowing Work From Anywhere and might want a  mobile office.

Autonomous Company  has created a new way to help employers furnish WHF staff with standardized professional furniture. They have a very nice offering for part-time work up through full-on computer workstations.  What is Work Furniture?

The new thing they have done is organize corporate purchasing, discounts, and reviews. Real end-user of the ErgoChair Pro, 1,855 people gave their VERIFIED PURCHASE user experiences. Real people and not “influencers”.

Work From Home

Post #12  Home Office Ideas  will give you some useful information on how to make your Work Stage. This can be very rewarding and if you have an employer they might help pay for some equipment to support your work. Tables hold your tools and your work at a level best suited to your body and work style.  Adjustable Tables  have become a “standard” feature for modern data/digital work.

Think about what equipment/tools you need, how much space it will take, and what is the best way to support what you need for work. Sometimes you just need a  simple shelf  or bookcase.

Autonomous Company  has a complete product offering of…

Adjustable Standing Desks

Compact Desks

There is of course  “Work Shop”  furniture, that is very specialized and supports heavy-duty gear. Great if you can have a shop for your WFH or bring your  Mobile Work Shop  to your customer’s job-site.

The most influential item that will help your work is great body support with  The Best Work Chair.

Ergonomic Computer Chairs  give very good support to your body and help promote good fluid/blood circulation. When you need some movement, but are not ready to break your workflow;  ErgoStool  might be the right chair for that job.

Work From Home

Office Accessories  make your Work Stage complete with the “little things” that help so much. When you need that screen or keypad in just the right place, but not always in your face, a supportive mounting stand will help. Pull it in or pivot your chair around to get some quick input and then back to your main work tools. Think about lighting and comfort.

ADU Freestanding Work Pods  for when you need more workspace at home, but not in your home. These Accessory Dwelling Units can be simple or upgraded with many helpful features or just an insulated dry and quiet place to be alone. Please read the reviews to find out how this may be the Next Level of Work From Home.

Fitness Items  to keep you working well for a quick Workout From Home. That 90 min grind timer went off and you need some time. Let your mind free, fluids flow with small simple home gym equipment.

Entertainment, when it is time to leave work behind and get your  Game On and get in The Seat.

Lighting and some home furniture  items will make your home life more comfy and fun.

Smart Home Automation with Security  will help you maintain focus and an extended flow state.

You may be working in The Metaverse and need Cryptocurrency and  Coinbase  is a very good tool to help your efforts.

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